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Success Stories
Class 8-9
How Nitya Overcame her Inhibitions and Biases to Choose the Stream Best Aligned to her Career Goals

Nitya Gupta was unsure about her streams and subjects for class 11th. Mindler career experts found her perfect fit with humanities, and helped her deal with her misconceptions about the field. She is now acing her class 11 and looks forward to a career in Psychology.

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Class 10-12
How Pranav, a Dissatisfied Engineering Student, Used Mindler Career Guidance to Find His Perfect Fit with Management

Pranav Vashishth, a 1st-year B.Tech student, was unable to cope with his academics and felt stuck in his career. Mindler career experts helped him explore multiple options and zero-in on Management, which proved to be a perfect fit with his talents and interests. He is now a top ranker at his university.

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How Tarun Got his Career and Confidence on Track with the Help of Mindler Experts

Tarun Bhardwaj, a 25-year-old student, had dropped out of Engineering because it didn't excite him. Mindler career experts helped him choose the perfect career and course to utilise his skill-set, and make up for his gap years through the right opportunities. He is now on the path to achieving his new-found goals.

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