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World’s Most Advanced Platform for Schools / Program Highlights

One-Stop Solution for all Career Planning Needs

Career guidance programs to provide end-to-end career guidance, catering to the needs of everyone involved in the career decision-making process - parents, teachers, counsellors, and the students themselves.

State-of-the-Art Career Guidance Platform Designed for the Future

With a blend of sophisticated psychometrics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Mindler helps students take well-informed career decisions. Students are engaged with regular career updates and well-researched content.

Tangible Results to Enhance the Quality of College Admissions

Advanced career guidance increases students’ awareness about diverse career paths and universities. As a result, they pursue new-age careers and dynamic courses, across a more diverse range of institutes.

Analytics-Driven Decision Making for Key Stakeholders

Mindler empowers stakeholders to take data-driven decisions through advanced analytics, student-specific insights, and systematic tracking of students’ results, establishing a comprehensive career guidance ecosystem in the school.

Platform Features for Students / What Makes Us Unique

Accurate Evaluation & Best-Fit Matches

Instant career-mapping and fitment analysis through our exhaustive career assessment based on machine learning, advanced algorithms, and state-of-the-art technology.

Insightful Analyses & Development Plans

Detailed career report on 50+ evaluation parameters for skill and trait insights, and identification of developmental areas.

Personalised Counselling Sessions & Action Plans

One-on-one sessions with leading career experts on college & course selection, with well-defined action plans for progress-tracking and career planning.

Exhaustive Information on Hundreds of Careers

Well-researched career library with detailed information on hundreds of career options, including new-age careers.

In-School Workshops

Workshops by Career Coaches and Domain Experts on career planning, course selection, holistic development and career awareness.

Continuous Engagement & Expert Support

Well-researched blogs, career notifications and career dossiers to build career awareness, coupled with extensive online support from leading career coaches.

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How Schools Benefit / Takeaways for Stakeholders

Analytics-Based Decision Making

Trend identification and data-backed approach to aid academic and student-oriented management decisions.


Counsellor & Teacher Training on the Mindler Platform to monitor and track career-centric growth.

Alumni Tracking

Progress tracking & mapping of alumni batches, supported by connections with mentors from top schools.

Continuous Progress Tracking

Track students’ progress year on year, with comparison on 50+ parameters to address developmental needs.

Parent Orientation

Exclusive career development and planning focused workshops for parents.

School Dashboard

Easy access to career matches, detailed reports, and progress charts for all enrolled students.

FAQs / What Schools Usually Ask Us

As the first step, you need to fill out the form with your details, following which our team members will get in touch with you to set the implementation process in motion. We would then set up a meeting with you to discuss your specific requirements, basis which we will create a customised program for you. After due deliberations and the finalisation of the program structure, the Mindler team will create personalised logins for all enrolled students and commence the program.

Yes, the programs can be customised to your particular requirements. Our team will help you make a customised plan for your school.

The typical duration of our career guidance programs is one academic year. However, this can be customised basis your requirements.

The programs cater to students from class 8th to 12th. For classes 8th-10th, our programs also aid students in subject and stream selection. The programs for classes 11th and 12th give emphasis to course and college selection, in addition to the other mutually agreed-upon deliverables.

We recognise the need for preparing children to take on the professional challenges of the 21st century, and be well-equipped with knowledge and skills for upcoming careers. To that end, we have integrated a future-proof approach throughout our program with new-age career dosssiers, new-age career paths in our career library, student & parent workshops focused on new-age skills, etc.

The Mindler career assessment is not just any assessment. The assessment is built on the world’s largest research on modern career paths, with data collected, analysed and perfected from over 10,000 students from across the country. Our assessment puts to application the principles of psychology, psychometrics, machine-learning and artificial intelligence, making it the best and most reliable in the country. Developed by some of the best brains in the world, the assessment is highly standardised and validated for the Indian context. Read more about how Mindler compares with other career guidance platforms in India

The Mindler platform integrates well with your existing counselling setup. Our platform helps school counsellors augment their counselling efforts through data-driven career insights on students, consolidated counsellor dashboards allowing easy access to students’ career matches and developmental needs. Our counsellor training workshops enhance the effectiveness of the counsellor and enable optimum utilisation of the platform.

We customise the career guidance program basis your unique requirements. Hence, the cost will vary depending upon the finalised program structure and inclusions.

Why People Love Mindler / Testimonials

Mindler is the best career-assessment tool that has been designed to help students understand how a variety of personal attributes impact their potential success and satisfaction in the career they choose.

Dr. Madhuri Parti, Educationalist, ,
Head - Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation

Mindler's scientific approach will undoubtedly help students to choose realms which will satiate their acumen, and inherent interests to develop them into mentally healthy & productive professionals.

Mrs. Promini Chopra, Principal,,
Seth M.R. Jaipuria School

Mindler represents some of the most exciting and relevant career development work I have seen in my career - a beautiful meld of assessment and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Brian Hutchison, Industry Legend,,
President Elect - Asia Pacific Career Development Association

Mindler has helped build awareness amongst our students by putting things in the right perspective. Under the guidance of the experienced Mindler team, students became confident, calm, focused and ambitious towards achieving success in their chosen field.

Mrs. Aashrita Dass,
Principal, La Martiniere Girls' College

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