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  • Go from local to national. Leverage a powerful platform to go big.

    Expand Your Reach Overcome geographical confinements. Service clients far and wide without being in the same room, with a dashboard that’s accessible from everywhere

    Make Processes Efficient Let the platform do everything for you - assessments, scoring, results and session management, so you can focus on what you do best - guiding students

    Build Your Presence Get featured as a Mindler partner counsellor. Grow your visibility among students looking for career counselling in your region

  • Put your clients’ needs at the forefront. Deliver quality guidance.

    Evaluate Clients with Greater Accuracy Base your guidance on the world’s most awarded career assessment, designed through extensive research and free of all human bias
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    Provide a Seamless Experience Empower clients to fulfill all career needs - accessing assessments, reports, plans - all through a single consolidated dashboard

    Impart Valuable Insights Determine career fit through advanced analytics and counselling activities. Couple it with your experience to share deeper insights

  • Learn and grow as a counsellor. Position yourself for greater success.

    Bank on Expert Support Benefit from the expertise of leading career counsellors for assistance with any queries related to career guidance

    Keep Up With Trends Stay up-to-date with emerging trends in careers through well-researched and superior content, notifications and regular updates

    Upgrade Your Skills Thrive in your domain by learning from industry’s best. Keep up with industry changes and develop counselling skills through expert webinars

Mindler Partner Platform Key Features

World-Class Assessment Platform State-of-the-art, scientific career assessment built specifically for the Indian context, with automatically generated results and reports

Interactive Career-Profiling Activities First in the industry, counselling activities elicit specific information about students for accurate and targeted counselling

Seamless Session Management & Scheduling Effectively manage and track your session bookings through an in-built system that customises available slots according to your schedule

Anytime Anywhere Access Share and access session summaries, resources and action plans easily through your dashboard and keep a track of client progress

Continuous Student Engagement Personalised articles, newsletters, emails and regular updates for students, to maintain a continual focus on career development

Comprehensive Career Content A library of well-researched content on hundreds of careers, with details on colleges, courses, exams and more

Counsellor Training Access regular instructional webinars on career trends and how to effectively utilise the Mindler platform and support tools to your benefit

Counsellor Dashboard and Analytics Keep track of all clients, sessions and activities through your personal dashboard with one-touch access to reports, plans and analytics

Custom-Branded Counsellor Website Market yourself better through a custom created login portal and student dashboard, branded with your name and/or logo


Feedback from our counsellors.

  • My workload is much lighter as a career counsellor with Mindler. After using the platform for over a year, I have increased my user base, made optimum use of my time, and have also started approaching schools now. The Mindler career library and blogs are very informative. I share them with my students and they have given me an extremely positive feedback. My mission as an educator is to spread awareness and in this endeavour Mindler is a great tool."

    Jayshree Patel,
    Educational Advisor & Overseas Consultant
  • The entire experience of being associated with Mindler has been great! My collaboration has opened up a whole lot of new avenues for me and has given a new dimension to my career. The counsellor dashboard as well as the assessment give very valuable inputs during my counselling sessions. Throughout the journey of four months, complete support was made available, every query solved. I found the Mindler team extremely efficient and supportive."

    Rashmi Kulkarni,
    Behavioral Trainer & Psychometric Administrator
  • Mindler is a unique platform, intricately crafted by consolidating those vital domains which enhances the proficiency and competency of career counsellors in the deep exploration of student's distinctive attributes. The engaging features of the platform enable us in helping students unfold meaningful avenues which would make them future ready. It allows career counsellors to build and scale with high degree of efficiency."

    Rakesh Konjengbam,
    CEO, IngenixEducare
  • Mindler has excellent collaborating models. I am extremely happy with the in-depth and accurate analysis of the report, extensive career library and blog, and the rigorous ICCC Counselling Certification. My knowledge and skills have grown exponentially thanks to the international certification. I am feeling proud and contended by associating with Mindler."

    Vivek Gajabe,
    Mindler Partner, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

What counsellors usually ask us.

Will someone provide me with training on how to use the Mindler platform?

Yes, of course. As part of our onboarding process, we will give you a demonstration of the entire platform - both the student and counsellor dashboards. The training will take you through the user flow and all the features to help you understand how everything works. Additionally, we will also hold regular webinars and training sessions whenever new features or updates are added.

Is the platform customisable to my needs?

Yes, we can customise your portal and dashboard according to your needs. For example, if you wish to book sessions manually and don’t want the session scheduling option in the student dashboard, you can get the platform customised. After you fill out the form we will get in touch with you to customise a plan and platform most suitable to your requirements.

I have a website/domain. Can I retain it and still use your platform?

Yes, you can surely retain your existing website. We will work with you to configure the Mindler platform on your domain.

I don’t have a website. How will you brand the counselling portal for me?

We will custom create a counsellor portal/website for you with your name or your company’s name, in the form of: yourname.mindler.com. The login page on this website will be branded with your logo (or your name in case you don’t have a logo). When students log in and enter the dashboard, they will also see your logo/name inside the dashboard.

Why should I choose Mindler?

Mindler’s award-winning career guidance framework and assessment tool have been developed by some of the top psychometricians, industry experts and researchers in the world. A blend of advanced technology, millions of research data points and sophisticated psychometrics make it the most accurate, reliable and valid career assessment. Read more about how Mindler compares with other career guidance platforms in India.

I need logins in bulk. How will the pricing work?

The pricing will be dependent on the number of logins you purchase. The greater the number of logins, the lower will be the price. For more details about the estimated pricing for your requirements, please fill out the form to get in touch.

How will my students use the platform?

Your students will access the Mindler assessment and platform through your personalised counsellor portal (yourname.mindler.com). On the student sign-up page, they will be asked to enter their basic details (Name, Email, Mobile Number), along with their unique access code you will share with them. On successful account creation, they will be able to access their assessments, results, career report, counselling activities and sessions, all through their dashboard.

Is there a minimum number of logins I need to buy?

Yes, you will need to buy a minimum of 50 logins to get started. You can opt in for more logins later, whenever required.

How is Mindler superior to other career guidance platforms?

Compare all leading career counselling platforms in India, to see how Mindler tops the charts across all major elements of career guidance.

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