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Key Responsibilities

to lead the movement

Encourage Scientific Career Decision Making

Eliminate career confusion with the world’s most advanced career guidance platform

Social Media Engagement

Harness the power of social media to drive career awareness to your community

Thought Leadership

Be an agent of change, get your thoughts out to the world

Drive Career Awareness

Make career awareness simpler and fun for your community, through fun and interactive activities

Impeccable Qualities

we are looking for

Exceptional written & oral communication skills

Enterprising & networking abilities

Drive to create impact & love for team work

Creative ideation skills

Key Rewards

incentives and more

Work Experience Certificate

on successful completion of the program

Letter Of Recommendation

in support of college applications/ internships

Special Discounts

on Mindler products, and value-added services

Gift Vouchers

from on continued display of excellence

Career Webinars

on critical aspects like college, and course profiling, interviews, and group discussions

Specialized Guidance

from industry professionals and domain experts

The right break for you

apply now to be a part of the movement

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to devote to the program?

Though there is no fixed duration you need to devote to the program, it is encouraged to spend 8 - 10 Hours A week.

I am in class 8th, can I still apply to be a student ambassador?

Thank you for your interest! Applications, as of now are limited to students in class 9th or higher. Please do apply, next year.

Is there a minimum commitment to apply for the program?

It usually requires about 3 months to create an impact, but, there is no higher cap on the duration you can engage with us.

How many students will you shortlist from a school? How can I contact you?

We shortlist 2-4 students from each school. You can call us at 9659899998 or write to us at

How will you shortlist applications?

Each application is evaluated on its individual merit. We suggest you to be concise with your responses. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a short telephonic interview, followed by an on-boarding session.

I know someone who is perfect for the job, how do I refer them to be part of the program?

Simply share this with your friends! You may communicate this personally, or share on social media to tell the world.