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Why is Career Counselling Important?

Career counselling is a process that helps you choose a suitable career path and make career decisions when you are confused about your options. It focuses on helping you understand yourself – your interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses – to suggest a path that will help you achieve your potential.

While your own outlook about careers maybe limited to a certain number of career options (5, 10, 20..), career counselling makes you aware of hundreds of career options. It then matches insights about you to those careers to recommend what the best option will be.

Beyond making a career choice, Career Counselling also gives you a platform to voice out your opinions, a safe place to discuss concerns, doubts and hesitations about your career path. A Career Counsellor acts a guide to get reliable advice about your career. Career Counselling can help you at any stage of your career where you need guidance with or affirmation for your career plan.

What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric career assessments, simply put, are scientific tools that enable you to evaluate yourself on many different parameters to determine your match with different career options. Be it aptitude, personality or interest, psychometric assessments accurately test your strengths and weaknesses.

The beauty of career assessments is that they offer you an unbiased way to learn about your core – what drives you, what you are good at, your likes and dislikes, how you think – to make it easier to find career options for yourself.

Mindler’s 5-dimensional career assessment goes a step beyond most psychometric career tests, to assess you on 5 dimensions essential for career success – Workstyle, Interest, Personality, Aptitude, and Emotional Intelligence. On completion, it recommends 5 best-fit careeer options along with a thorough analysis through a personalised career report. Thus, it not only helps you choose your perfect career or stream, but also helps you understand yourself better.

The Mindler psychometric assessment is completely online, and provides the ease of accessibility from multiple devices (phone, laptop, tablet) and the comfort of your home.

Career Counselling in Delhi

Mindler helps you resolve your career confusion and plan out your career path through an advanced career assessment and expert-led career counselling by the best education counsellors in Delhi.

Mindler career counselling programs help you through:
  • Advanced career assessment
  • Best-fit career and stream recommendations
  • Personalised face-to-face counselling sessions with experts
  • All-round support for all career queries
  • Stream, subject, career, course and college selection
  • Step-by-step career planning
Our career counselling programs are designed for:

School Students
(Class 8-9):
Stream and subject selection programs starting from INR 2400.

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School Students
(Class 10-12):
Career selection and planning programs starting from INR 3400.

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Colleges Students & Graduates: Career selection and development program at INR 7400.

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Best Education Counsellors in Delhi

Your career choice will be in the safe hands of some of the top career consultants in Delhi. Mindler’s team of best education counsellors and experts consists of specialists from premier institutions such as Harvard University, ISB, IIT, Delhi University, and include India's leading psychologists, with 15+ years of experience in the field.

Trusted by 120,000+ Students From India’s Best Schools, Including:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the Career Counsultants in Delhi working with Mindler?

    We have 8 Career Consultants working out of our Delhi office. Some of them are:

    a. Prikshit Dhanda: Our Chief Strategy Officer, Prikshit is one of the most loved Education Counsellor in Delhi and all across India. He is professionally trained at the Harvard University and has over 2 decades of experience working with students. Infact Prikshit has been the mentor of our CEO Prateek Bhargava for the last 15 years.

    b. Shilpa Singh: Our senior most counselor and team-lead, Shilpa has 22 years of experience in Career Guidance, Life Coaching, HR Management, and Teacher Training. She has counseled over 5 lacs students till date across private and government schools.

    You can know more about out counselling team here:

  • What is the duration of the career assessment? Do I have to take it in a single sitting?

    The career assessment takes about 90 minutes in total to complete. However, you don’t need to complete it in a single go. The assessment autosaves, so that you can pick up from where you last left off.

  • What happens in the career counselling process?

    The career counselling process starts off with an online career assessment. The 5- dimensional assessment will evaluate you in-depth and generate top 5 best-fit career recommendations for you. Following this, you’ll be able to schedule your personalised counselling sessions with our career experts. Over the course of 3 sessions, the career counsellors will help you choose your career, college, course, subjects or stream. Along with this, they’ll also help you create your career plan and resolve all your career- related questions. Once the sessions are over, the career experts will be in constant touch with you for any type of help you may need through emails, calls and chat.

  • Do you involve parents also in the counselling process?

    We believe that parents have an integral role to play in their child’s career decision-making and future. Thus, we encourage parents to be involved in the process, and take inputs from them during the counselling sessions to gain a better understanding of the student.

  • When is the right time to start career counselling/guidance?

    The time is always right to take a scientific approach for your career, and the earlier, the better. Be it school or college, career counselling can help you find direction and clarity in your career when you need it the most. Getting early exposure with the help of Mindler's best education counsellor in Delhi gives you enough time to explore your interests and abilities, thus enabling a more accurate career decision.

  • How do I make the payment for the career counselling program?

    We have a variety of safe and convenient payment options available, including credit/debit card, net banking, e-wallets, etc., which you can choose according to your preference.

  • There are many websites available offering career counselling in Delhi. Why should I choose Mindler?

    Mindler’s award-winning career assessment platform has been developed by some of the top psychometricians, researchers and industry experts in the world. Our 5-dimensional framework and career assessment are not based on any global tools but have been developed from the ground up, specifically keeping in mind the Indian context. It is validated and the most accurate assessment, with research data collected from over 10,000 students from all across India. The test coupled with Career Counselling from the best Education Counsellor in Delhi is a perfect recipe to help you land in a career of your choice, interest, and best-fit.

    To help you make an informed decision, we have also compiled an objective comparison report of the major career guidance websites available in India.  Click here to compare and see how Mindler tops the charts across all major elements of career guidance.

  • Do you have a center for Career Counselling in South Delhi?

    We do not have a center for Career Counselling in South Delhi yet. Most students and parents come to our office in West Punjabi Bagh for in-person session. Our senior counsellor, Mr. Prikshit Dhanda, however, takes in-person counselling sessions in Gurgaon. You can also visit there for a session. We also provide counselling over phone or video call.

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