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Liberal Arts Education

Pave Your Path to a
Liberal Arts Education

Exhaustive guidance for applications to Liberal Arts universities

About the Program

Understanding the Curriculum

Comprehend the specific nuances of the liberal arts curriculum and understand how it could be a game-changer for your career. 

Course Selection

  Identify subjects that fit with your profile and your ambitions. Choose your major and minor subject combination.

Profile Evaluation & Profile Building

Work with your coach to zero-in on the right profile-building activities to strengthen your application.

Personalized Application Development

Plan, edit & fine-tune your application elements to present your unique personal brand and stand out from the crowd.

In-Depth Personal Insights

Gain unparalleled personal insights about yourself which will guide you as go forward in your academic pursuits.

Interview Preparation

Get specific insights form your coach on how to ace an interview, including do’s & don’ts, code of conduct and mock simulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will guide me in my applications to liberal arts programs?

The coaches for our Liberal Arts program are experts at their work and have helped many students get into top Liberal Arts programs in India. Through the right strategy building and application development, they have empowered students to pursue their dream programs. The best thing is that the program is not limited to fixed hours and edits, but will continue until you and your coach are happy with the application you’ll be submitting.

Your office is located in New Delhi, how will the program function for me if I reside in another city?

We aim to provide you the best guidance, irrespective of where you live. Even if you’re a resident of a different city, we will ensure the best possible communication. We connect with our clients at pre-scheduled hours through Skype/Video Calls, Phone Calls and Emails, which replicate the in-person counselling experience.

When is a right time to enroll for such a program?

Your timeline for enrollment will be contingent on your level of preparation. If you’re just starting and have no preparation, you should start in class XI. If, however, you have a strong profile you may begin in class XII. On a general note, one should approach an application at least 4-5 months before the application round.

How will you help me build my profile?

Profile building happens to be one of the most important application elements and requires time, effort and strategy in order to yield the right result. The right profile is a mix of three very important factors – you, your course and your target college. Hence, going through a list of activities and selecting a few at random is not the right way to approach it. Our coaches will help you identify the right activities that will play to your strengths and help you present a well-rounded application.

Will you prepare me for interviews too?

Absolutely! The second round for many Liberal Arts programs involve an on-the-spot essay, group tasks and a personal interview. If you are invited for a second round, our counsellors will go all-in to help you ace it.

What will the program include?

The program is designed to help you succeed in your applications to Liberal Arts programs. We thus lay extensive emphasis on each step of the way – selecting the right set of activities, identifying the right course, and getting the storyline for your essay and letter correct. We will help you develop an application from start to finish, one that helps you truly stand out.

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