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Mindler Talks

Thought-provoking motivational talks with professionals
who have achieved success in their fields.

About the Program

Mindler Talks is an interactive, workshop-led program aimed at driving career awareness and inspiring success in students. The best minds from ecelectic fields like Economics, Science, Culinary Arts, Music, Mentalism, and Cryptocurrency, come together to share their experiences, knowledge and insights about their respective careers. By teaching what it takes to attain success, Mindler Talks makes a difference to each student’s professional journey.

Career Exploration & Awareness-Building

Open students’ mind up to possibilities - connect them with professionals from a wide range of careers to expose them to the dynamic career options available to them.

Professional Insights & Inspiration

Those who have lived a career and scaled its heights, have invaluable insights to share. Enable students to obtain information, advice and inspiration to plan their own career journeys.

Targeted Professional Development

Give students a head start for their professional lives. Empower them to learn about how skills and knowledge are translated into the professional world to prepare them for the road ahead.

Life Skills Development

Inculcate all the necessary ingredients of success - perseverance, focus, will-power and direction, through powerful, inspired guidance and hands-on reflection activities aimed at growth.

Networking & Guidance Opportunities

Provide students with the opportunity to ask and resolve all kinds of questions - big and small- in their minds and help them gain a deeper understanding of their fields of interest.

Individualised Mentorship

Help students set aspirational career goals and get the suppport they need to achieve success, through direct mentorship opportunities for a select few students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Mindler Talks program help students?

Mindler Talks is a part of a bigger vision – to empower students to independently dream about and pursue their career aspirations. It is especially curated to motivate students when the pressure of exams, expectations and competition tears them down. With expert-led sessions, Mindler Talks will cover all areas of development – personal, social, and professional.

Is the program accessible offline or online?

All Mindler Talks sessions happen as in-school workshops.

Is the program open to students from all classes?

The program is open to all students from classes 6 through 12.

How long do the talks last?

The duration of each talk varies with the audience, nature of the content, and the speaker. On average, the sessions run for 60 -75 minutes.

Can a student access the program independently?

At the moment Mindler Talks is available only for schools, not for individual students.

How should I proceed if I want to enroll my school/institution in the Mindler Talks Program?

All you need to do is fill the form below or write to us at Our team will respond to you within 2 working days.

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