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MUN Training

Guide and Inspire the next
generation of MUN Leaders

Expert-led MUN Training Program for Schools

About MUN Training Program

Model United Nations (MUN) conferences have become a significant part of the co-curricular world at schools and colleges today. An activity driven by extensive knowledge and preparation, MUNs sit at the intersection of professional skills, communication skills and global know-how. With our dedicated MUN training program, students can develop all the skills they need to excel in this domain.

The Mindler MUN Training Program trains students in the following areas:

MUN Fundamentals

A comprehensive overview of the United Nations - its aims, objectives, components and functions to acquaint students with the fundamentals of the MUN.


Expert guidance on the art of constructive research - knowing where to look, filtering out relevant information and organizing it into clear, logical and compelling arguments.

Resolution Drafting

Rigorous training on the science of building UN legal documents, with a focus on structuring, writing and editing effective clauses, position papers, resolutions, and amendments.

Debate and Delegation

Strategic guidance to build and perfect delegates’ debating skills, covering effective debating techniques, debate direction, argument defense, interjections and diplomacy.

Speech Writing and Public Speaking

Thorough grounding in one of the most essential apects of MUNs - speech writing and delivery, with an emphasis on tonality, body language, content presentation and improvisation.


Expert recommendations on dressing, grooming and personality building, to ensure that delegates make the right impression as suitable country representatives at the UN.

Debate Conduct

Fostering of leadership skills and teamwork through training on using Rules of Procedure in advances, addressing fellow delegates, and appropriate debate conduct.


Extensive grooming to help committee chairs master their roles - conducting debates, steering and moderating commitees, choosing awards and developing the committee charter.

Mock MUNs

Mock MUN simulations and drills to get hands-on experience of the MUN setup, along with real-time guidance and precise feedback to translate training into tangible learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MUN?

Model United Nations, or MUN, is essentially a simulation of a United Nations conference. It helps students learn about diplomacy, international relations, the United Nations and peaceful conflict resolution, as they represent different countries from across the world. The primary objective of all student delegates is to research on, draft, lobby for, debate and ultimately pass a UN resolution for a topic area (usually a real-world issue) within their committee. This process promotes researching, writing and debating skills, as well as teamwork and leadership abilities. 

Is the program offline or online?

The group program at schools is offline. We conduct online programs for individual students who reside outside of Delhi NCR.

How will the Mindler MUN Training program help students?

The program is designed to acquaint students with all aspects of MUNs, and will cover each element – research, presentation, interjection, documentation and mock simulation in great detail.

Can a student access the program independently?

A MUN conference, though slightly individualistic, is a team activity. Hence it’s best to undergo MUN training in a team setting. A significant portion of the training will involve understanding, responding and acting in a group setting, and for that reason the MUN training program, at the moment, is available only for schools.

Is the program open to students from all classes?

The program is open to all students from Classes 7 through 12.

How long is the training program?

The training program can vary from 4 hours to 6 hours for a standard session.

How should I proceed if I want my students to undergo the MUN Training Program?

All you need to do is fill the form below or write to us at Our team will respond to you within 2 working days.

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