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Class 8-9

Discover the perfect stream and
subjects for your career

Stream selection and planning for class 8-9

How We Help


Accurately evaluate your strengths and skills


Seek expert career guidance and support


Select the perfect Stream & Subject Combinations

  • Find out what you are good at. Get stream recommendations instantly.

    Accurately evaluate yourself Learn about your strengths and interests with our 4-dimensional assessment, to find streams that suit you.

    Get stream recommendations Find top 2 streams best-suited to you, by assessing your compatibility with different subjects.

    Identify strengths & weaknesses Learn more about yourself through your personalised report, with development plans to help you improve.

    Career Guidance
  • Plan and finalise your stream and subjects with help from experts.

    Avail personalised guidance Get expert advice on streams and subjects through personalised sessions with top career experts.

    Get an all-round evaluation Narrow your perfect stream with interactive activities. Evaluate your academics, work style, and more.

    Resolve all your queries Get answers to all your questions through all-round support from experts over calls, emails and chat.

    Career Counselling
  • Give your career exploration an early start.

    Choose the perfect stream & subjects Select the perfect stream and subjects combinations with help from career experts.

    Explore careers for your chosen stream Access well-researched resources on career options, with information on courses, colleges and more.

    Plan ahead for your career Build a customised plan for your career by shortlisting careers and begin your career journey.

    Career Counselling
Success Story

How Nitya overcame her inhibitions and biases to choose the stream best aligned to her career goals.

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Let's help you discover your perfect stream


Orientation Style Assessment


First of the 4-part assessment. Assess work style to start your career planning journey.

  • Orientation Style Assessment
  • In-Depth Information on Hundreds of Careers
  • 15-min Call to Help you Choose the Right Program
  • Orientation Style Assessment Evaluate your work style to discover streams that suit you.
  • Detailed Information on Hundreds of Careers Access a well-researched Career Library to explore hundreds of careers options.
  • 15-min Free Orientation Call Learn more about our programs and how they can help you achieve career clarity.
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Career Assessment


Comprehensive stream assessment to help you select your perfect stream.

Everything in Preview Plus

  • Subject Interest Assessment
  • Personality Traits Assessment
  • Aptitude Assessment
  • Top 2 Stream Recommendations
  • 25-Page Stream Assessment Report
  • 30-min Call to Help you Understand Assessment Results
  • 1-Month Query Support from Experts
  • Subject Interest Assessment Map your interest to 24 subjects to find out what excites you.
  • Personality Traits Assessment Understand your unique personality attributes to align them with your best-fit streams.
  • Aptitude Assessment Evaluate your strengths on 7 aptitudes important for career development.
  • Top 2 Stream Recommendations Best-fit stream matches to select the right stream and subjects.
  • 25-Page Stream Assessment Report Detailed assessment results with personalised development plans to help you improve.
  • 30-min Post Assessment Call Call with Mindler experts to understand assessment results and get career guidance.
  • 1-Month Query Support from Experts Extended expert support over Email, Call or Chat to resolve all career queries.
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Why Choose Mindler vs. Other Platforms?

Compare all leading career counselling platforms in India, to see how Mindler tops the charts across all major elements of career guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What students usually ask us.

I am only interested in finding my top streams for now. Will I be able to upgrade from the assessment to the counselling program later for further guidance?

Yes, definitely. If you wish to enroll in the stream assessment program (Learn), and later decide to get detailed guidance from our career experts, you always have the option to upgrade to the Explore program. You can do so from your assessment dashboard itself, by paying the remaining difference.

Tell me more about the Career Experts who will guide me through my stream choice.

Your career and stream choice will be in the safe hands of some of the top career coaches in India. Our team of career counsellors and experts consists of specialists from premier institutions such as Harvard University, ISB, IIT, Delhi University, and include India's leading psychologists, with 15+ years of experience in the field.

I reside outside of Delhi NCR. How can I avail your services?

Our career guidance services are easily accessible to students all across India. For people residing outside of Delhi NCR, or those unable to visit us in person, we offer our counselling sessions through video chat (Skype/Google Hangouts) and telephone. These are as effective as face-to-face sessions, and a majority of students choose them for the convenience they provide.

Do you involve parents also in the counselling process?

We believe that parents have an integral role to play in their child's career decision-making and future, especially at this young age. Thus, we encourage parents to be involved in the process, and take inputs from them during the counselling sessions to gain a better understanding of the child.

What is the duration of the stream assessment? Do I have to take it in a single sitting?

The stream assessment takes about 1.5 hours in total to complete. However, you don't need to complete it in a single go. The assessment autosaves, so that you can pick up from where you last left off.

Will I receive any support from your end after the 3 sessions are over?

Yes, surely. We believe in end-to-end career support and will be in constant touch with you for any type of help you may need after your sessions are over. You will get online, telephonic and chat support from our career experts for one year, for all your stream and career-related queries.

Are your assessments only available online? Can I give them in a paper-pen format?

Our career assessments have been made completely in the online form, specifically because online assessments are more effective and superior to paper-and-pen tests. Our stream assessment provides access to your results, stream recommendations, reports, action plans, etc. through a single dashboard, which cannot happen with a pen-and-paper test. Online assessments give the added benefit of convenience, since they can be taken from the comfort of your home, further contributing to the accuracy of results.

Are classes 8th and 9th too early for taking career guidance?

Students in Classes 8th and 9th are at the perfect stage to begin taking a planned approach towards their career. This is the stage where attitudes and beliefs about career begin to get formed. Thus, creating awareness of careers at this stage gives one enough time to explore their abilities and interests. This early exposure also helps one to avoid limiting their pool of career options, and choose from a wider range of opportunities.

What can we help you with?

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