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Flavor Chemistry


Flavour Chemists are also known as ‘flavorists’. They tackle the demands of the food processing industry and engineer the natural and the artificial flavours. They seek to modify or mimic various properties of the products rather than just creating abstract smells. This profession came into existence with increasing use of refrigeration which leads to a major growth of food processing technology. Flavorists are graduated in various streams such as chemistry, biology, food science etc. In food-related companies, flavour chemists are involved in identifying the compounds that are associated with sensory attributes. The job description involves using scientific and analytical tools with creativity to improve the flavour of the food. If you have an interest in food and chemistry, then flavour chemistry is the career for you which blends both of your interest areas.

Career Opportunities in Flavour Chemistry

  • Food Industry
    Individuals pursuing flavour chemistry have professional opportunities in flavour houses, industries, wine industry, food and beverage industry, etc wherein they provide consultancy services and finished products to the food manufacturing companies. This job consists of attempts to come up with new flavours or modify the previous one to make it more attractive for the eaters and work in a lab for long hours.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    Flavourists are also required in the pharmaceutical industries which are involved in the production and processing of toothpaste, soaps, skin care creams, medicines, etc. The masses don’t like eating medicine due to its bitter taste, so the flavorists try to modify that and also bring about an aroma in other pharmaceutical products to make it attractive to the buyers.
  • Research
    A research program in flavour chemistry allows you to make discoveries about the flavours and the processing of it in the products. Researches can be carried out under various scientists who guide and help you to make discoveries about new flavours or modification of the old ones.
  • Cosmetics Industry
    Nowadays, flavorists are also required in the cosmetic industry which involves inducing flavours in the lipstick, creams, hair care products and various other things that radiate fragrances. This involves understanding buyer demands and inducing fragrances by working in labs and making it associated with the sensory organs of the buyers.
  • Academics
    Flavour Chemists or Flavorists can also engage in academics domain by becoming a teacher in school/college, wherein they impart their knowledge and teach budding flavorists.

How to Pursue a Career in Flavour Chemistry

Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Class XII with Science stream Pursue Bachelor of Science in ChemistryPursue Masters of Science in Chemistry/ Food science Pursue PhD. In Flavor Chemistry/ Chemistry/ Biochemistry
Path 2
Class XII with Science stream Pursue Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry Pursue Masters of Science in Biochemistry/ Chemitry Pursue PhD. in Flavour Chemistry/Chemistry/ Biochemistry

Important Facts

  • Apprenticeship (minimum of 6 months) is required after bachelor’s degree to be appointed in a job.
  • An aspirant must have passed class 12th or equivalent with English as one of the subjects, scoring an aggregate of at least 50% marks.
  • The admission is based on 10+2 marks at undergraduate level.
  • Colleges conduct entrance exams at Masters level.

Leading Institutes

Top Flavour Chemistry Institutes in India
College Location Website
Loyola College Chennai
Fergusson College Pune
Madras Christian College Chennai
University of Delhi Delhi
St. Xavier’s College Mumbai
Women’s Christian College Chennai
Presidency University Kolkata
Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi
Christ University Bengaluru
Mumbai University Mumbai
Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh
Banaras Hindu Univeristy Varanasi
Mount Carmel College Bengaluru
Top Flavour Chemistry Institutes in the World
Institution Location Website
Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
Harvard University United States
Stanford University United States
University of Cambridge United Kingdom
University of California, Berkeley United States
University of California, Berkeley United States
University of Oxford United Kingdom
National University of Singapore Singapore
Imperial College London United Kingdom
University of Tokyo Japan
ETH Zurich Switzerland

Work Description

  • People eat food which gives satisfaction to their palate, it is the job of the flavorists to satisfy their desire by modifying the tastes and flavours of it.
  • Research program in flavor chemistry can be carried out in various domains which involve research on modifying existing natural flavours and bringing about a fresh aroma to the food, beverage, cosmetics etc.
  • Individuals hired in pharmaceuticals industry are majorly involved in inducing flavour to the medicines to reduce the bitter taste of it.
  • Most of the flavorists work involves lab work and understanding th consumers needs.

Pros & Cons of a Career in Flavour Chemistry

  • All those individuals who have interest in food and chemistry can have an edge in this career.
  • Flavourists are directly involved in tasting and building new flavours, hence it is the upcoming job and a business.
  • Becoming a flavorist requires years of training and experience in order to gain knowledge.
  • Professionals might have to work for long hours.
  • Lab work at times can expose flavorists to hazardous conditions.
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