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Accessory Design


Accessory Designing is one of the most upcoming and interesting field in the world of Fashion. Accessories can add a splash of color, personality, and style to the wearer. Accessories range from jewelry, footwear, scarves to handbags, belts, hats etc. Therefore, there is a wide scope for the field. To be successful in the field, the person should use their creativity and imagination to design unique products while keeping in mind the current fashion trends. They are up- to-date with the ongoing developments in the fashion industry, as well as they keep a close eye on the market. They use both paper- pencil as well as computer- aided designing.

Career Opportunities in Accessory Design

  • Apparel Manufacturers
    Accessory designers work in apparel manufacturing industry to amalgamate accessories that best suit the garment and complete the look.
  • Apparel Wholesalers
    Accessory designers tie up with wholesalers to mass produce/ mass retail their accessories. They design a variety of accessories that pair up with garments to complete the look.
  • Television and Film Industry
    They design costumes and apparel to be donned by the who's who of the film and television industry. They often consider the plot of the movies and complexities of the characters in doing so.
  • Leather accessory designing
    Accessory designers specializing in leather accessories make use of leather to design and then create designs that complement garments. This is a relatively new take in accessory designing and often encompass belts and bands.
  • Jewellery designing
    Accessory designers specializing in jewelry design, design and then create jewelry that complement garments. This profile encompasses designing earrings, rings, neck pieces, bands, bracelets etc.
  • Freelance accessory designing
    Freelancers in accessory designing either create their own brand of accessories or take up projects independently with other designers to design and create pieces that complement the apparel to be worn with it.
  • Gemologists
    As a gemologist, one is academically trained to identify and evaluate gems. One may be involved in diamond grading or identification of colored gemstones.

How to Become an Accessory Designer

Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Pass Class XII in Any Stream Pursue B.Sc. Fashion Designing/ B. Des. Accessory Design for 3- 4 yearsPursue M. Des. (Master of Design) for 2 years-
Path 2
Pass Class XII in Any Stream Pursue Diploma in Fashion Designing/ Diploma in Accessory Designing for 1 yearPursue PG Diploma in Fashion Designing-
Path 3
Pass Class XII in Any Stream Pursue B.Sc. Fashion Designing/ B. Des. Accessory Design for 3- 4 yearsStudy Abroad and Pursue Master's program in luxury accessories design & management/ Masters in Fashion Design for 1 -2 years-

Important Facts

  • Practical, industrial experience is a must. This can be achieved via internships or upon getting a job.

Leading Institutes

Top Accessory Design Institutes in India
College Location Website
National Institute of Fashion Technology Multiple Locations
National Institute of Design Multiple locations
Symbiosis Institute of Design Pune
Pearl Academy of Fashion Delhi
ARCH Academy of Design Jaipur
Footwear Design and Development Institute of India (FDDI) Noida (Headquarters)
SNDT Women's University Mumbai
National Institute of Jewelry Design Ahmedabad (Diploma in Accessory and Jewellery Design)
International Institute of Gemological Science Delhi (Diploma in gemmology)
Indian Institute of Jewelry Design Ahmedabad (Diploma in Accessory and Jewellery Design)
Top Accessory Design Institutes in the World

Accessory Design Entrance Exams

College Tentative Date Important Elements Website
NID - DAT March- May Comprehension, Analysis, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Creativity -
SET - Symbiosis Entrance Test March- May Design aptitude, General English - Quantitative, General Awareness, Analytical & Logical Reasoning -
NIFT Entrance January-march General Ability Test (GAT), Creative Ability Test (CAT), Situation Test -
Pearl - PAF June- July Combined General Proficiency, Design Aptitude -
FDDI - AIST July Mathematics, General Science, General Awareness -
MIT Institute of Design entrance April-May Design Aptitude Test, Studio Test, Personal Interview -
Institution Tentative Date Important Elements Website
NID - DAT March- May Comprehension, Analysis, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Creativity -

Work Description

  • Research past, present and future fashion and accessory trends to predict the upcoming demands of the customers or consumers
  • Design the accessories either by sketching or using software such as CAD
  • Develop concept that fulfils the demand and desire of the clients
  • Ensure the quality and standard of the product and the materials used
  • Create samples before the actual production and modify it
  • Supervise and manage production and sale
  • Make reports of the market's situation or reaction towards the product
  • Negotiate with dealers and clients and work within the financial budget to ensure the profitable running of the business
  • Stay abreast of the latest developments in technology and accessory trends

Pros & Cons of a Career in Accessory Design

  • Once you will design the accessories, different individuals will use it to enhance their appearance that will provide personal satisfaction.
  • You will get the opportunity to start your own business.
  • You will get the opportunity to show your creativity.
  • Opportunity to travel and meet different individuals.
  • It is a highly competitive field.
  • Criticism from seniors and customers.
  • There will be a pressure to be up-to-date with the trends.
  • You will work for longer hours to meet the deadlines.
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