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Urban Planning


Urban Planning as a career involves developing buildings, parks, streets, understanding the use of resources, planning permission, use of land and working according to the safety of environment, etc. It guides orderly development in urban and suburban areas and is concerned with planning of the settlements and communities. Urban planners are concerned with strategic thinking, research and analysis, architecture, designing etc. Students pursuing urban planning study about legal basis of urban planning, planning and politics, planning theory and also engage in laboratory work to get hands on experience of it. With the increase in urbanization and increasing immigration in to the urban areas, there has been an increasing demand for the residential buidings, therefore there is an increasing need for students who have studied urban planning.

Career Opportunities in Urban Planning

  • Public Sector
    Urban planners are highly required in the public sector wherein there is an increasing requirement in the government agencies regarding the policy making of the urban areas, developing and designing urban areas and also approving of the designs after evaluating them whether they are in proper accordance with the policies.
  • Academics
    Urban planning also open doors of opportunities in the area of academics which helps the qualified urban planners to teach in schools and colleges.
  • Research
    Research field in urban planning allows an individual to do in- depth study about the use of land and resources in order to design and develop an urbanized area which would not cause harm to the environment and could be used effectively. They are primarily involved in coming with new and innovative ideas for the use of land in accordance with the policies.
  • Private Sector
    Private agencies which are involved in township building hire urban planners in order to make an area which is urbanized in a fashionable manner and in accordance with the demands of the consumer needs. They are also involved in planning parks, streets, buildings and work as a project manager which attend to the policies of it.
  • Real estate
    Real estate agencies also hire urban planners especially in the field of real estate design and real eststate developer. The real estate developers are concerned with making improvements to the existing buildings and then sell or lease them out for profit. The modification aspect of it requires urban planning as this planning involves using the available resources to their best potential.

How to Pursue a Career in Urban Planning

Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Class XII with science stream Pursue B. Tech in Urban planning Pursue M. Tech in Urban Planning Pursue Phd. In Urban Planning
Path 2
Class XII with science stream Pursue Bachelors degree in Geography/Environmental Design/ Political science/ Urban planning/ArchitecturePursue Masters degree in Urban Planning/ City planning Pursue Phd. In Urban planning

Important Facts

  • A candidate need to pass class 12th or equivalent with at least 50% marks including English as one of the subjects.

Leading Institutes

Top Urban Planning Institutes in India
College Location Website
A candidate need to pass class 12th or equivalent with at least 50% marks including English as one of the subjects. Punjab
Institute of Development Studies, University of Mysore Mysore
Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology Ahmedabad
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal
Arvindbhai Patel Institute of environmental Design Gujarat www.
School of Planning and Architecture Delhi
Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi
Manipal school of architecture and design Jaipur www. https
Top Urban Planning Institutes in the World
Institution Location Website
University of Southern California United States
University of Toronto Canada
Harvard University United States
MIT United States
University College London United Kingdom
University of Liverpool United Kingdom
National University Singapore Singapore

Work Description

  • Job of urban planners involve meeting with public officials and consumers regarding the use of land.
  • A lot of field visits and work is also required in order to understand the land and the resources around it.
  • Review the plans and make the necessary changes if required.
  • Involves staying up to date with the demands of the consumers about their lifestyle and way of living.

Pros & Cons of a Career in Urban Planning

  • This career involves bringing about a change in the settlement and urban area from the front end.
  • Opportunity to set policies and bring a change in trend of settlement
  • Urban planning gives a big platform to creative people, hence being creative and innovative will be of an advantage in this career as it involves coming up with new ways for planning an area.
  • Attending to the demands of consumers might become a little stressful sometimes.
  • Professionals might have to work long hours and according to the deadlines.
  • Constant field visits are required which might consume time and effort.
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