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Traveling the world with a camera in hand seems to be the "in" thing these days. Photography is an exceptional medium of self-expression; more and more people are converting their hobby into profession. Some are born with a vision but some learn to create a vision. Photography as a career has endless opportunities and endless specialization. Starting from wildlife photography going up to war photography. Photography as a field gives you a lot of flexibility. Earlier there were self-learned photographers, now the time has changed and institutes have come up that train people, and where you can gain knowledge and polish your skills in Photography. Although this field takes time to be recognized, but if you are talented then be sure to be paid heftily.

Career Opportunities in Photography

  • Newspaper
    Photographers can be appointed in various newspaper agencies for the coverage of the daily events.
  • Media and Press
    The Role of photographers are important in media and press to provide the viewers with first- hand information.
  • Magazines
    Pictures says a thousand word. Photographers are heftily paid to work for Magazines. A simple article may not attract much attention, as much as article with catchy photograph would, thus making it attracting and engaging for the audience.
  • Advertising Agencies
    An advertising agencies, is a lot dependent on a photographer. No matter how good a product is, but if it is unable to create a impact, then it's of no use. The sole purpose of a photographer in an advertising agency is to provide photographs that are high quality, attractive that illustrates and tells a story about product.
  • Government Agencies
    Photographers in government agencies are recruited on a regular pay scale. They are required to capture the daily event and also for making photo captioning and photo featuring. These may include different departments such as environment, education, wildlife, weather etc.
  • Industrial Houses
    An industrial photographer plays a major role in creating a pleasant image of a company. captures the interiors, exteriors, merchandise, machines, workers, events etc of the firm or the company for its brochures and annual reports. Hence, a photographer plays an important role in making the firm or the company look good and efficient.
  • Fashion Houses
    People who want to make career in a glamour industry can opt for fashion photography. Their work involves taking picture of models, clothing, style which may further be featured in fashion journals, magazines, newspapers etc.
  • Stock Photography Companies
    Photographers often have collection of promising photographs, which can be used by other companies. Such a company helps in selling and marketing of their photographs in return for a percentage of sales.
  • Websites
    Photographers can work for various websites which not only enhances the outlook of the website but also helps in communication with its users.
  • Law enforcement agencies
    A very crucial role is played by photographers in this sector. Photographers provide visual evidences to various cases and crime scenes. For this a photographer will have to be an active part difficult and dangerous events. Such agencies include police, investigation bureau, detective agencies etc,
  • Scientific photographers
    In this type of photography, person specialise in areas like astronomic photography, astrophysics photography, photography of chemical and biological materials, specimen, etc. You will photograph laboratory experiments, etc.
  • Commercial Photographers
    This type of photography involves taking pictures of merchandise, buildings, machinery, fashion, livestock, and groups of people to be used in advertisements, marketing reports, brochures, catalogues and postcards etc.
  • Nature, Wildlife and War Photographer
    If the persons specialised in photography are green at heart, this is it. Here, they can capture animals in their natural habitat. Sub-marine or underwater photography is another branch of this stream. War Photography is another domain where talented photographers are required.
  • Film Photographers
    Photographers will shoot feature films, advertising films, documentaries, etc.
  • Video Photographers
    Photographers will shoot moving films with a video camera. Their subjects can be anything from a marriage ceremony to a 16-mm film.

How to Become a Photographer

Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII in Any streamPursue B.Sc. in Photography / BFA for 3 yearsPG Diploma / M.Sc. in Photography for 1-2 years-
Path 2
Clear Class XII in Any streamPursue Diploma/ Certification for 1-2 Years--
Path 3
Clear Class XII in Any streamPursue Graduation in any discipline for 3 yearsPG Diploma / M.Sc. in Photography for 1-2 years-

Important Facts

A successful career in photography doesn't call for a degree or diploma in the subject. All you need is a strong sense of aesthetics and creativity and loads of focus. You should go the extra nine yards to make your work a satisfying experience for your clients.
However it is strongly recommended that one pursues a course or diploma in photography.

Leading Institutes

Top Photography Institutes in India
College Location Website
National Institute of Photography Mumbai
Nation Institute of Design Ahmedabad
Raghu Rai Center for Photography Gurgaon
Delhi College of Photography Delhi
Indian School of Photography Gurgaon
Symbiosis School of Photography Pune
Mass Communication Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
Light & Life Academy Ooty
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication Delhi
Indian Institute of Digital Arts & Animations Kolkata
Sir JJ school of Applied arts Mumbai
Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) Noida
Top Photography Institutes in the World
Institution Location Website
School of Art institute of Chicago United States
UCLA LA, California
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester New York
SPEOS Photographic Institute Paris, France
The Art institute of California California
Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Photography Entrance Exams

College Tentative Date Important Elements Website
Symbiosis School of Photography Registration from Feburary GE and PI
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication Admission on the basis of first come first Service Entrance exam, Personal Interview, Panel Interview
Institution Tentative Date Important Elements Website
Sir JJ school of Applied arts NA Online Aptitude test, Personal Interview
National Institute of Photography Admission on the basis of first come first Service ?
Nation Institute of Design Nov -  Jan Design Aptitude test (Objective/ Subjective questions), Studio test (Practical test + GD) and Interview
Delhi College of Photography Around the year admission NA
Indian School of Photography Around the year admission ?
Mass Communication Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia April- May Written exam (Subjective/Objective) + Interview +Portfolio
Light & Life Academy Admission on the basis of first come first Service Portfolio Review, Interaction on skype and personal Interview (should be over 20 years of age)

Work Description

  • Capture precious and crucial moments in the camera for professional purposes
  • Use different cameras and related equipments to click pictures of best quality
  • Develop concept and ideas through skilled photography
  • Make portfolios for actors, models, celebrities and or even for the self
  • Work as professional photographer in events like weddings, parties and other gatherings
  • Click pictures of evidences, crime scenes, areas of accidents and investigation to provide an important input to legal cases
  • Provide attractive images to magazines and books to captivate the readers
  • Work in studios to click and develop photographs of different kinds

Pros & Cons of a Career in Photography

Traveling the world with a camera in hand seems to be a trend thing these days. It may look quite an easy task; however, the reality is a bit different.
  • Although Photography as a field gives you a lot of flexibility. It is one of the best professions to be a freelancer, wherein through creative innovation you can convert your imagination into a masterpiece.
  • With fierce competition, bringing out the best in a simple phenomenon is not that easy. It requires a lot of perseverance. This field is not for everyone. You have to be passionate. There are times when a photographer sits for hours and hours taking "n" number of same shots just to get that one perfect shot.
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