How 10,000+ students are making right career decisions...

Making a career decision is a very difficult affair.
As many as 60% people need course correction later in life, as they opt for wrong careers to begin with.

MINDLER brings a one-stop, individual-centric, guidance approach for students to unburden them of such worries!

Innovated by our leadership team and board of educationists, our pioneer scientific approach includes career identification, mapping, planning, directing and long term mentoring.

We eliminate random decision-making behaviour under factors like peer pressure, career fads and illusions.

Our Revolutionary Approach to Career Planning

Mindler Team


Learn all about yourself on 56 dimensions in your career discovery report. Find your best fit career matches.


mindler explore


Explore powerful opportunities with thorough planning and semi-automated engagement. Together we build a sustainable career action plan.


mindler progress


Realize your true potential with continuous hand holding, goal mapping & planned interventions with a dedicated career coach.


mindler  connect


Connect first hand with people with real experience of premium institutes. Get real time feedback and quick solutions in our mentor app.


Get Precise Results with our 5Dimensional Assessment

Benefit from our revolutionary approach to career discovery and planning. Backed by a research pool of 4.8 million+ data points, the MINDLER assessment helps students find their true calling, by analyzing and tapping their dominant orientation style, interest, personality, aptitudes and emotional quotient. This gives an in-depth understanding of student's core, that otherwise is, generally not taken into account while making a career decision. As a result, students get to know of career opportunities, where they are most likely to succeed.


Get actionable insights to pave a successful career path.

In the second stage of the MINDLER journey, the student goes through deeper understanding of the recommended careers. It is here, that the student gets a deeper idea of the innate strengths and development needs, including the specifics of what the career demands. Here is when students book a call with a career coach, to seek counseling and benefit from the expertise of our counselors. With activities exclusively created to gauge a student’s preferences, motivators, schedule, background and distractions, amongst other things, our counselors begin researching programs even before a student talks to them, thus building a comprehensive array of relevant opportunities.

Get an edge over others with your personal career coach.

Exclusively available to 500 select students across the country, the third stage of this journey, guarantees successful pursuit of dream careers. Through highly personalized engagement, MINDLER enables the right pick of career, course and college; and also equips with the right skills and traits to excel in their chosen endeavors. Inclusive of monthly interventions that facilitate life skills development, coupled with handholding, course correction, admission support, goal setting and tracking through a dedicated coach, we power the fuel for you to accelerate.

Get real time answers and help from experts.

When it comes to "how to pursue a career", there is a lot of data and information available. And this ever burgeoning information creates more confusion than it eliminates. We sincerely believe, that people, who already have materialized their dreams of pursuing their desired courses and colleges are the best source of authentic, relevant, reliable and real time information. India’s first MENTOR CONNECT APP, powered by MINDLER , completes the circle, by connecting students to mentors studying in or graduated from the country’s premier institutions, who advise on entrances, preparations and answer queries and solve doubts, almost instantaneously.