About Mindler

Mindler is the world’s most-advanced career guidance ecosystem, which enables students discover their unique potential to take well-informed career decisions. Designed and developed by alumni from Harvard, ISB, IIT and world’s leading psychometricians, Mindler blends machine learning with strategic human interventions to minimise the human bias in career decision making. Mindler is India's most-awarded career development platform, and is a one-stop destination for all your career needs.

Product Features / What Makes Us Unique

Accurate Evaluation

Exhaustive assessment using our path-breaking 5-dimensional framework

Best-Fit Matches

Instant career-mapping and fitment analysis using state-of- the-art technology

Insightful Analysis

Detailed report on 56 evaluation parameters with developmental plans

Interactive Activities

Guided activities for student profiling and career-focused counselling

1-on-1 counselling sessions

Two personalised online sessions with career experts on college mapping and course selection

Exhaustive Career Library

Well-researched career library with detailed information on 150+ career options

Trusted By 20,000+ Students From India's Best Schools, Including

Delhi Public School  |  Aga Khan Academy  |  Shri Ram School  |  City Montessori School  |  The Doon School

Welham's Girls' School  |  Springdales School  |  Modern School

Delhi Public School  |  Aga Khan Academy  |  Shri Ram School  |  City Montessori School  |  The Doon School  |  Welham's Girls' School  |  Springdales School  |  Modern School

& Many More...

You Should Take The Assessment / For All Your Career Needs

If you want to be crystal clear
about your career options
If you wish to seek validation
for your career plan
If you are confused between
multiple career options
If you wish to find a way out of
a wrong career decision

FAQs / What Students Usually Ask Us

The assessment is completely online, and provides you the ease-of-access from anywhere across the world. It usually takes about 2 and a half hours to complete, and has been divided into sections, so you don’t have to take it in one go.

The counselling takes place through one-on-one sessions with Mindler Career Experts. The sessions can happen either in person, or online, or telephonically, as per your convenience.

Our aim in counselling session help you find your perfect career and to equip you with end-to-end support. Not only will our experts focus on your career queries, but also provide you with details about top colleges, professional opportunities, entrance exams, preparation strategies, in your chosen career(s).

We begin the process with an accurate evaluation of your style, interest, aptitude, personality traits, and emotional intelligence, which leads towards 5 best-fit career matches for anyone who takes the assessment. In case you require help with narrowing down career options, We follow this up with one-on-one counselling with career coaches, and domain experts, who help you narrow down to your perfect career.

The time is always right to undertake a scientific approach to your career. The career choice assessment and counselling is applicable to anyone from 10th class onwards; thus, you can choose to take it, whenever you are confused about your career, and wish to find some direction.

Your career choice is the most important decision of your life, hence it is crucial to get it right. However, we are often influenced by our friends’/parents’ opinions, and often end up confused between different career paths. With over 150+ career options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right career for yourself. That is exactly where we come in, and give you a logical solution.

Yes, the first section of our assessment has been made free, to give you a fair idea about it before you sign up for the whole program. This module helps you understand your dominant working style, which directly contributes to your success. Take the free orientation style test now

The assessment is a tool specifically designed to understand your strengths, abilities and weaknesses. This detailed understanding helps the counsellor, to give you the best possible guidance for your career, making it more effective and accurate.

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Why People Love Mindler / Testimonials

It helped me narrow down my career choices and find the career options which fit with my strengths. The development insights the Emotional Intelligence test gave me were brilliant. Thank you!

Student - Doon School

Mindler brings with itself a unique perspective for students to understand one's own self, and find the perfect career fit. While it's unique assessment style pushes a person to unlock their potential, its one-of-a-kind guidance system helps one know how to go about it.

Student - La Martiniere Girls College

The Mindler assessment taps in the personality, interests, and various aptitudes accurately. I have used other aptitude tests before, but Mindler assessments seem to be perfectly suited for Indian population.. definitely helped me in my role as a school counselor.

Counsellor - Sangam School of Excellence

We at CCA School had interacted with the Mindler team and compared the results of a large number of students, with our teachers assessment reports and opinion. We are happy to share that the results were a near perfect match in most cases.

Col. Kr Pratap Singh,
Chairman - CCA School

Mindler is the most appropriate canvas to a child's dreams and aspirations. They provided a mentored framework to my sons ambitions to achieve and succeed. They mapped his capabilities to help him decide and focus on the most important decision of his life.

Parent - Woodstock Villa

With the Mindler Stream test I was able to find my interest areas and which stream will be right for me. All the things it told me about myself were so true. I now also know the areas I need to improve on.

Student - DPS RK Puram

Signing up for Mindler is one decision I have not regretted. Mindler has given me the focus and the drive I have been lacking for most of my life, and I'm sure it can, and will, do the same for everyone else.

Student - Aga Khan Academy

Mindler represents some of the most exciting and relevant career development work I have seen in my career - a beautiful meld of assessment and artificial intelligence.

Brian Hutchison,
Industry Legend - President Elect - Asia Pacific Career Development Association

Mindler’s scientific approach will undoubtedly help students to choose realms which will satiate their acumen, and inherent interests to develop them into mentally healthy and productive professionals.

Promini Chopra,
Principal - Seth MR Jaipuria School

Mindler is the best career-assessment tool that has been designed to help students understand how a variety of potential attributes impact their potential success and satisfaction in the career they choose.

Madhuri Parti,
Educationalist & Head - Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation

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